Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings

Our company has developed a technology of applying oleophobic coatings on glass and polymeric surfaces, as well as on antireflective coatings. The coating does not break under significant mechanical loads due to monolayer nature of the coating.

Currently we are able to apply hydrophobic coatings on 550*650 mm glass, but, if necessary, the surface area can be increased up to ten square meters up to the standard Jumbo, 6000x3210 mm.


- Smartphones, tablets, screens;

- Radars, cameras;

- Optical components;

- And many more.


Distinctive features of hydrophobic coatings from I-Photonics are:

- Can be combined with antireflective coatings;

- Surface protection against dirt and mechanical scratches;

- Antifogging effect;

- Easy-to-clean properties;

- High abrasion resistance;

- Coatings withstand 10,000 cycles of steel wool abrasion at a load of 10 N;

- Resistant to climatic and chemical influences.