Multi-zone filters

I-Photonics has successfully mastered the production of products that are precision interference light filters combined on a single substrate. Light filters can have from 2 to 10 photofilters. Dimensions and spectral characteristics are performed in accordance with the Customer's technical requirements.

These products demonstrate possibilities of ion-beam method of precision optical coatings manufacturing. Vacuum equipment "Aspira" or "Lidiz" is used for production. 

Main application of products is their use as input windows for photomatrices (CCD, CMOS). 

Example 1 . Four-zone filter

     The four bands pass through the spectral intervals 450-520nm, 520-600nm, 620-700nm, 760-900nm (see graph).

     Installation "Aspira" provides batch production of such filters on a substrate with a diameter of 110 mm. The graph shows the position of the right border of the green filter, demonstrating the uniformity of coating over the substrate.

     The following graphs show the entire filter and the position of the same border in successive processes.

     Installation "Aspira" is intended for production of precision optical coatings by ion-beam and magnetron sputtering methods in the range of 400-4500nm. Maximal size of a substrate is 150 mm (diameter). The uniformity at diameter of 110 mm is 1,5 %.

Example 2 . A seven-zone light filter

A seven-zone light filter is designed for small Earth remote sensing satellites.

The spectral response is shown in the figure below



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