Transparent conductive coatings

Transparent conductive coatings are obtained by magnetron deposition of indium tin oxide (ITO). Mainly used for the production of heated display glass as well as EMI shielded glass.
These glasses are optically transparent glass plates with a transparent electrically conductive layer (ITO) on one side. The specific resistance of such glass is from 4 to 300 Ω/square. The maximum size of heated glass is 425*322 mm.

I-Photonics offers ITO layer application with pre-agreed resistance. Conductive bars on a glass can be applied as an option.  Any shape of busbars can be made to ensure uniform heating of glass.

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Main features:

  • Combination with Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating;
  • Bus Bars for conductivity or grounding;
  • Standard wavelength range – 400-700 nm;
  • Reflective for infrared wavelengths;
  • Low microroughness;
  • High electrical surface resistance homogeneity;
  • High uniformity of transmission;
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and coating adhesion.


Others possible applications of ITO coating:

  • EMF/EMI/EMC/RFI and HF shielding glass;
  • LCD and OLED displays;
  • ITO-coated microscope slides for science and research;
  • Micro structuring applications;
  • Heatable microscope tables and slides;
  • Coverslips for medical technology;
  • Conductive coatings for touch screens and touch-sensitive display technology;
  • Circuit substrates for electronics;
  • Infrared mirrors;
  • Flat antennas for digital mobile communication devices;
  • Conductive object carriers & cover glasses;
  • Optical windows for space applications;
  • Organic solar cells;
  • Coatings for de-icing windows.

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